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Why Choose Learn Kitchen Spanish?

We know the challenges of juggling daily life while trying to pick up a new language. That's where Learn Kitchen Spanish comes in. We started this when a chef friend needed to learn Spanish quickly for his kitchen. Turns out, this is a common need in many kitchens worldwide.

What Sets Our Program Apart?

1. Relevance is Key: Instead of overwhelming you with all aspects of Spanish, we focus on kitchen essentials. You might not learn about all Spanish-speaking capitals, but you'll definitely know how to ask for help during a busy dinner shift.

2. Quick & Focused Learning: We aim to get you communicating effectively with your team in no time. Better communication means smoother operations, fewer mistakes, and a safer kitchen environment.

The Power of Immersion:

You've probably heard that immersing yourself in a language is one of the best ways to learn. True immersion is diving deep, surrounding yourself with the language every day. Now, while you might not live in a Spanish-speaking country, there's still an immersion opportunity right under your nose: the modern kitchen.

Kitchens today are melting pots of cultures and languages, with Spanish being one of the most commonly spoken. By learning with Learn Kitchen Spanish and practicing daily with your Spanish-speaking coworkers, you're creating a mini-immersion experience. Every day becomes a chance to practice, listen, and speak. In this setting, the language comes alive, making your learning faster, more relevant, and definitely more fun.

Our Unique Course Structure:

1. One Progressive Course: Start as a total beginner, and the lessons will advance with you. As you grow more comfortable with Spanish, the lessons increase in complexity, ensuring continuous learning at your own pace.

2. Learn the Framework: Instead of just memorizing words, we teach you the structure of Spanish sentences. Understand the pattern, and you can easily plug in any words you need.

3. Bite-sized Lessons: Each lesson is around 10 minutes, making it perfect for a commute or quick break. And remember, repetition is your friend if a lesson feels tricky!

4. Be Part of Our Kitchen Community: Joining our course means access to extra resources and a community of learners.

Our Promise: Spanish is our passion, and we're here to support you in every step of your learning journey.

-Glenn Westman



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